Helping Independent Retailers and

Artisan Food Producers Work Together

The Fine Food Angel has been set up to help independent retailers across the UK discover and source products direct from artisan food producers.  The Fine Food Angel is a highly efficient and organised system that gives significant benefits to both retailers and producers.  If you are an independent retailer or a high quality artisan producer please do get in touch with us by clicking on the "Join Us" button on the homepage.   

Because we are fair to producers, our catalogue is growing rapidly... which is good for retailers!  We have recently enjoyed another milestone - 1000 products.  

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Latest News...

New Feature! Based on retailer feedback (we're good listeners!) retailers can now search for all the vegan products on the site by entering "Vegan" into the search box.  We have also implemented the same feature for Organic and Gluten Free. Click done!

New Feature!  Based on retailer feedback we have introduced a new feature called "Local Producers".  This feature enables retailers to find artisan producers who are close to them - enabling easy sourcing of local products!  This feature was covered in a Speciality Food Magazine article.

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